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I’m Emma – artist, designer & business owner. Welcome to my online home; a place for me to share my experiences, knowledge, highs and lows of business (& life!)


In the past 20 years I’ve worn many business hats – some of my business endeavours made money, some didn’t. My current business, Bespoke Backdrops is making a healthy turnover and profit.

5 years ago, I started really falling in love with the nitty-gritty of business.

Creativity and business are my obsessions – I could talk about business for hours! And I spend most of my days designing and creating for my clients.

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Business Brand v Personal Brand

I want to commission a very talented artist called Lucy Chen to paint my portrait. I met her online via a Facebook group and this quiet desire of mine suddenly became real when I saw her work and… Read More

How do I scale past $100k?

I posted this in a private business Facebook group asking advice from those who have bootstrapped and scaled past $100,000…. It was 3 years ago in February  that the idea for Bespoke Backdrops came to me, via a… Read More

We need a new word for ‘work’

I was on the beach today, late afternoon, after having done 6 hours of work, and I started thinking about the word ‘work’. It’s 3 days after Christmas Day and I am back at work. In fact, I… Read More

Fame cluster