About Me


I’ve never been one to follow the status quo – if there’s a bandwagon, you can bet that I’m not on it. My father gave me a framed quote when I was a child – back in the day before quotes were cool and on every wall in every home!

“Believe Alone”

Simple words but ones which stuck. Which is why I  didn’t wear a typical white wedding dress and designed my own trouser suit instead. And why I immersed myself in the tech start-up world to teach myself business, rather than follow an art coach or take a creative business course. And why I don’t take part in any Facebook challenges like the famous Ice Bucket challenge!

And why I ditched my promising career in fashion publishing at 23 and, against conventional wisdom, moved to Switzerland for love in 1997.

So for the past 20 years, I have been unemployed and unemployable!

Thank Goodness – what a fascinating, fun, sometimes anxiety-inducing but ultimately happy life I’m leading.

I never planned on being an entrepreneur or business owner. But that’s what circumstances will do to you – they take you on unexpected adventures.

History bullet points

  • Born in Africa to an English father and Dutch mother.
  • Grew up in an idyllic English village in the green and pleasant land of Surrey.
  • First memory of art – aged 3, lying on the floor with my father watching him draw a bus on the back of a cereal packet. It was magic appearing in front of my eyes. I was hooked!
  • Favourite childhood art activity – colouring in the beautiful ladies my mother drew for me. Those dresses and endless possibilities of design…
  • At school I was known for my art and my love for being on stage. I was in every production going! And I often helped paint the set or create the advertising posters.
  • I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion & Textile Design BA(hons)
  • My 1st job in the fashion industry was very similar to The Devil Wears Prada…I worked in PR for a UK fashion label, and my boss was the designer/owner. I lived in fear of her, which was just how she liked it (she told me so)

I love ...

English Breakfast tea, cats, listening to podcasts, reading every night, Chardonnay,  sunkissed skin, Renaissance art, historical novels, savoury snacks, silver picture frames, England in the sunshine, back massages, Facebook groups, Dutch salty licorice, yacht holidays, watching murder mysteries while painting, cooking, Marmite


My 20 year career as an artist and designer spans both Europe and Australia. I grew up in England, graduated in London with a BA(hons) in Fashion & Textiles, before working in fashion PR and publishing.  In 1997, I moved to Switzerland, where I ran a small art studio, and exhibited both in Geneva and London.

Today I live in Sydney with my husband and 2 teenage children. I consider myself truly lucky to have the best job in the world, working with wonderful clients and being supported by a marvellous family.



Business is a important to me as design and creativity – and through my work I blend them together not just for my own business, but for my clients too. Great design helps you sell your products and services.

My entrepreneurial journey has opened doors and afforded me some incredible opportunities, including a stint in Silicon Valley after winning a ‘Shark Tank-style’ pitch contest, where I attended conferences, meet-ups and forged relationships with incredible people in the start-up and VC world. 

Through combining art, design and business, I have been nominated and won awards, have spoken at conferences and events, teach workshops, and have been interviewed on podcasts.

Today I am a mentor at The Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship, helping early-stage businesses grow and thrive.

I consider myself a life-long learner; I enjoy business books, studying the Law of Attraction, practical personal development and teaching myself new software skills on YouTube!

I loathe...

Kombucha, loud eating, running, mess, making school packed lunches, whinging, playing cards, chalk on blackboards, lame excuses, theme parks, overcooked pasta, trashy reality TV

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