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Emma Veiga-Malta 1 Bespoke Backdrops


I’m an artist and designer with 18 years experience making life & business more beautiful – life is too short for ugly!

My clients range from private individuals, small business owners, retailers and corporates throughout Europe, USA and Australia.

Born in Africa, raised in England, with Dutch heritage, I lived for 12 years in beautiful Geneva, Switzerland with my gorgeous family & moved to spectacular Sydney, Australia in 2010.

I use a variety of ┬ámedia in my work; watercolour, pencil, ink, acrylic and charcoal – though I avoid charcoal because it gives me goose-bumps like scratching a blackboard!

The projects I have undertaken are equally varied; interior fabric design, commission for Vogue Living, car livery, decorative wall art, oracle cards, logos, fibre-glass painted cows (!) upholstery and chair design, video backdrops, event media walls, colouring books for adults, fashion design, hotel room wallpaper, nursery art…

Things I love about my work:

  • the way it makes me feel when I’m busy; joyous, cosy, exhilarated and useful.
  • experiencing something new emerge from my finger tips and hands that wasn’t there an hour ago.
  • seeing and hearing the delight from my clients; it sound corny, but I have a job that makes people happy – can’t get better than that!
  • I can transfer my skills across many projects – there truly are no limits. Very exciting!
  • learning the tech side – I find Photoshop very enjoyable. My backdrops and fabric designs are translated into digital form for printing using Photoshop.
  • I actively choose to surround myself with beauty; that raises my vibrations and makes life good. Ugliness has low vibrational energy which encourages poor life experiences.

Things I don’t like about my work:

  • the admin.
  • repetitive strain syndrome on my right-hand knuckles, wrist and elbow.
  • trying to find the right pricing structures – my husband set the prices on my first ever exhibition in Geneva back in 1998. It’s hard to price your soul’s work. But I’m a bit more of a hard-nosed business woman these days!

I have 2 delightful teenage children, a wonderful husband and a grumpy cat.

My favourite hobby is reading and I love cups of tea with ginger nut biscuits.

Thank you for perusing my work. Do get in touch if I can help you make your life & business more beautiful.



P.S Visit my other business websites – Bespoke Backdrops & I Love My Chair


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